About LEAPR Labs

We are a community of young and old scientists and technologists seeking to create impact by translating scientific research into applicable solutions to societal challenges.

Educate through Subject Matter Research Fellowships

Inspire through Events and Competitions

Incubate high impact innovations for Commercialization

We Believe in:

In Community Based Growth
That Exponential Socio-Economic Growth is a POSSIBILITY today
In the power of Leapfrogging Technologies to positively change LIVES
In being technology PRODUCERS not Consumers only

Approach to Exponential IMPACT:

At LEAPR Labs our approach to Exponential Impact is threefold, combining the power of repeatable PROCESSES with the amplifying potential of TECHNOLOGY to bring about desired change for the PEOPLE we target.

leapr approach



Processes Used:

Leadership & Management Dev’t
Business Models
Research Methodologies

 People Impacted:


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