About Mtoto Robotics

Mtoto Robotics is a student’s technology and entrepreneurship Labs set up in schools with maker materials and instructors to help enhance Kids with applied skills on how to solve africa’s biggest challenges through innovation and creativity.


Nurturing the next young tech entrepreneurs.


The mission at Mtoto is to provide an environment and methods that encourage innovation and creativity to enhance tech entrepreneurial competencies.

Our Fun Facts

Numbers We Proud Of

Our numbers are proof of the following value proposition;

● High Level skills optimised for kids.
● Affordable high quality Training.
● Safe environment for kids.

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Core Activities:

Design Thinking

Students are introduced to a creative approach or technique to solve problems in a new and useful way.

Computer Aided Design

Computer Aided Design will help students to turn their imagination into design and learn how to design for problem solving.

Computer Aided Making

This will help students to turn their design into tangible & interactive materials


Programing will be their basic skills they have to acquire since they will apply it in different projects

Mtoto Robotics Labs

Why Mtoto Robotics Labs.

A big number of young tech talents never engage in high tech or are not competent when they choose to Pursue high technologies and this is due to;

Lack of environment to apply their Imagination for creativity
Less Problem Solving Skills caused by lack of the right content.
Lack of competency from early age due to use of old curriculums

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Weekend and Holidays Programs Subscription


Mtoto Robotics Labs will host two shifts per day every weekend and every Student has four hours.



After kid's enrollment, Parents will be able to monitor their Kids performance through the portal